Shiso Happy Hour

Monday - Saturday 3-5:30pm



$1.00 Oysters

raw with sake citrus maignonette 

baked with garlic-miso butter

(sold by 1/2 dozen)



$1.75 each


miso soup

roasted togarashi peanuts

wasabi deviled egg with tobiko



$2.95 Each

panko fried oyster hand roll

Japanese guacamole with wonton chips

roasted beets with sweet soy glaze

small mixed green salad



$5.00 Each

sushi roll of the day

crispy chicken wings with wasabi ranch

hoisin pork sliders with slaw

Japanese sweet potato fries

crab puffs with sweet chili sacue



Happy Hour Drinks

Sapporo draft $3.75

hot sake  $2/$4

happy hour white or red  $5

mandarin-cucumber gimlet  $5

lychee martini  $5

sparkling wine  $5

all menus subject to change

gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of 5 or more

checks may be split evenly up to 4 ways per table

$4 split plate charge